Welcome to life models, figurative artists, and those considering nude modeling!


Model in Backlight (1908) by Pierre Bonnard. Public domain.

Model in Backlight (1908) by Pierre Bonnard. Public domain.

Welcome to ArtModelTips.com! 

Latest addition: See our new web pages providing thousands of photos with ideas for life drawing poses (contains nudity).

This website is designed to be a comprehensive reference source for life models (also known as figure models or artist models) and those considering becoming life models.

This site is also designed to provide helpful information for figurative artists that draw, paint, and sculpt life models.


Although those interested in portrait or costumed modeling will find much information of interest, the primary focus of this website is for those interested in nude modeling.

Toamna by Friedrich Miess. Public domain.

Toamna by Friedrich Miess. Public domain.

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Drawing by Simbisai Kahari (2013). Reprinted with permission.

Drawing by Simbisai Kahari (2013). Reprinted with permission.

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11 Responses to Home

  1. Gregor says:

    Hi All:

    Random question that I’m sure has been asked many times: How would I go about getting into life modeling, either clothed or nude? Is this generally a paid job? It’s something that’s been on my mind, and I’m seriously considering doing it as a part-time job. I live in Los Angeles.

    Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

  2. Devin says:

    I have another website you can add to be figure model blog section. thanks.

  3. ruchika says:

    Figurative Life Drawing Session held in Tokyo every Sunday.
    If you could add our link to your list, we appreciate it a lot.
    If any art models visiting Tokyo and interested to pose for us, let us know.

  4. Bob R says:

    Gentle sir:

    Many thanks for your kind comments about my little website. It’s intended to be a basic introduction to life modeling, with sites like yours providing the exhaustive resources once the decision is made and more detailed information is needed.

    Peace and blessings, brother.

  5. Christa says:

    ฉันรัก ได้รับ ร่วมกัน และส่วนแบ่ง views ดี เว็บไซต์ ,

  6. Al says:

    I modeled 30 years ago in college. When I got married I was still working my way through college but my wife hated the idea that I modeled for art classes so I quit modeling and did other jobs to pay the bills. Even though she was a pretty good artist herself she always found it odd and embarrassing that I modeled. One time we met up at a bar with a 80 year old woman who happened to share my then wife’s interest in collectibles. At one point in our conversation my wife apologized to her older friend saying that that she hoped she wouldn’t be scandalized by it but that I was an art model in college. “Oh no,” she replied, “I too was an art model in college.” Guess they had art models in the 1920’s too. Go figure.

  7. Hey there! I’ve been following your blog for a while
    now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble
    Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the great work!

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