How to start a life drawing group

This page provides everything you need to know to start a local life drawing group.

Jeune Homme Nu (1855) by Hippolyte Flandrin. Public domain.

Jeune Homme Nu (1855) by Hippolyte Flandrin. Public domain.

Are you an art professor or instructor interested in teaching a life drawing class, or a figurative artist who would like to see open life drawing offered in your area?

If so, the web site has created an excellent manual, available online, called Start your own life drawing class.

This manual provides all the information you will need to get a life drawing class up and running.

Are you currently, or are you interested in becoming, a life model in an area that does not provide life drawing opportunities?

If so, you should consider finding a figurative artist in your area that would be interested in working with you to start a local figure drawing group. It is much harder for a figurative artist to to find someone interested in serving as life model than it is for a life model to find an artist interested in figurative art.

Simply contact local art centers and artists to find the names of artists interest in figure drawing. Then contact these artists to see if they would be interested in organizing a figure drawing group.

You can also contact instructors teaching art classes at local studios to see if they would be interested in incorporating figure drawing into their existing classes or expanding their classes to include figure drawing.

Recommended Life Drawing Materials (Blick)

3 Responses to How to start a life drawing group

  1. Richard says:

    Good advice. I’ve been wanting to be a life model for some time. It is still hard for me to become a life model since there isn’t a lot of opportunities where I live.

  2. Paul McLeod says:

    I’m writing to you to say that I would like to start doing this.

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