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This page provides links to several online videos demonstrating figure drawing, painting, and sculpture techniques of interest to figurative artists and life models. Some of these online videos are in Spanish.

It also includes some humorous videos about life modeling from around the world just for fun…

Also see our page listing Instructional resources for figurative artists.

And The Gold of Their Bodies (1901) BY Paul Gauguin. Public domain.

And The Gold of Their Bodies (1901) BY Paul Gauguin. Public domain.



1. Gesture Poses

Gesture Drawing with Chris Warner (Otis College)

Otis faculty Chris Warner teaches helpful techniques for Gesture Drawing used in Life Drawing class

How I Sketch Poses

I wanted to show how I sketch the body really quickly and come up with poses.  I have seen a lot of good methods for drawing the ‘skeleton’ figure, especially the one by Andrew Loomis, but I feel it takes me a bit too much time to do this, especially if I am drawing 30 second gestures…  So I created my own method of drawing with ‘lightning bolts’ for arms and legs that help me place the muscles.  You still need a fundamental understanding of drawing the figure for this to be useful.. It works for me and maybe it can work for you!


Figure Quick Sketch: How To Construct The Limbs

This video demonstrates how to construct the limbs (how the draw the limbs) during a figure quick sketch drawing. The video demonstrates basic figure construction of the arms and legs. Topics covered include gesture drawing, anatomy and landmarks. There are examples from 3 different poses. Narrated by the artist.

artist studio, gesture drawing, modeling – Julia Trops

Canadian artist Julia Trops explains the resons behind short (30 seconds or shorter) gesture drawing.

A Guide to Gesture Drawing

Here’s a fairly long video explaining how I approach gesture drawing.

Figure Drawing Demo

I’ve never practiced figure drawing on photoshop before, but here’s my method as I would do it at any session.

Link to video (age restricted)

Drawing the Figure (part one)

Artist Scott Waddell shares the strategies he uses to setup his figure drawings. Future installments will reveal how he completes the drawing from this starting point.

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2. Long Poses: Female

Bruce Day – 1 Hour of Drawing in 2 1/2 Minutes

An video presentation that presents a a one hour life modeling session into 2 1/2 minutes. A collaboration produced by the Fredericksburg (VA) Figure Drawing Group.

Structural Life Drawing with Gary Geraths (Otis College)

This video shows the first steps in creating a gestural, anatomical, and structured life drawing from a live model. Gary Geraths is a professor in the exceptional Foundation Program at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

Bettie Page speed drawing

Amazing quality. Six hours compressed to five minutes

Nude model drawing by Vicente Torres

Vicente Torres drawing from the model using pencil on paper.

Drawing Demonstration-Front Nude (Reilly Technique)

Drawing demonstration using the Reilly technique in under 5 minutes of a front nude pose.

Robert Liberace: The Quick Draw (Drawing Excerpts from his Videos)

Robert Liberace draws, the figure an portrait in red chalk, black chalk, three color chalk, pencil, and grisaille.

Intro to Figure Quick Sketch: Torso Study

This demonstration wil focus on laying-ing the front view of a female torso. The torso is important because it is the largest mass of the body and it is where all the limbs and extremities originate. Since the torso is so important, I wanted to take the time breaking down the steps of the lay-in before moving on to light and shade.

Tutorial : How to draw a female body (basic proportions)

Female Figure – Speed Drawing (Andromeda : Burne-Jones)

My sketch of one of the perseus story paintings by edward burne-jones. one of my favourite paintings, so i thought i’d sketch one of the subjects – andromeda. Took around 2 hours.

Alli Figure Painting – Norfolk (VA) Figure Drawing Group

Time lapsed from my figure drawing session at the Norfolk Figure Drawing Group . Tonights model was Alli. These two paintings were 20 & 40 mins.

The Great Nude: Sketch Sessions: Amy Pose 1

This session has our model laying on her back, with her arms folded behind her head. Note the wonderful line her form creates on the black background. Our model has a beautiful, strong back, and the definition of her muscles is noteworthy. The quality of her skin, and it’s tone as set against the ruby red fabrics, make this series a lush viewing experience.

When You Can See It You Can Draw It (series) by Andre Pijet

Drawing Teaching 5 The Practice of Proportions English

In Spanish. Shows figure drawing alongside photo of model:
Hola! Esta vez, les enseñaré una sencilla técnica de dibujo, aplicada en un desnudo artístico. Espero que les guste, está interesante y fácil!

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Long Poses: Male

Rib Cage: Figure Drawing

This is the free 10 minutes long version of the 1hour 32 minutes long video lecture on a figure sketch of the rib cage. Since it is one of the largest forms in the human body, it’s importance in terms mass in a figure drawing is incredible. Positioning, orientation, proportion and thrust of the rib cage will determine most of these attributes for how the rest of the body is depicted when drawing figures. The artists are mostly concerned with those parts of the anatomical knowledge that will help them to transfer the three dimensional object onto the two dimensional flat surface of a drawing pad. This selective knowledge is concerned with invaluable landmarks and clues which the rigid skeletal structure readily provides.


Here is a painting demonstration in high speed as in time lapse of a live model in the studio done in oil on canvas board.

Speed Drawing – Realistic Study of Nude Male

How to Draw the Human Anatomy with Charles Hu: 3Kickstudio

3kickstudio Owner and Faculty member, Charles Hu performing a quick demonstration of the male figure.

Tutorial : How to draw a male body (basic proportions)

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4. Figure Painting

Figure Painting Demonstration

Artist Scott Waddell shares his form based approach to figure painting. This one hour video shows a painting process that took 18 hours to complete. Beginning with graphite on paper, Scott creates a preliminary drawing and demonstrates how he transfers this drawing to his linen. He then demonstrates a four stage painting process that includes a full color study, a complete underpainting, and a first and second form pass using oil paint. Throughout the video Scott describes his thought process and the artistic concepts he utilizes while working.

Sharon Sprung: Oil Painting Demonstration from the Figure

Art Students League artist/instructor Sharon Sprung conducts a live, two-hour painting demo for her class at the League.

Beautiful Naked Woman by the Window in Time Lapse Demo in Watercolor

Provides a detailed demonstration for how to mix colors for figure painting.

Pintar un desnudo femenino. Retrato al pastel. Nude female painting

Como pintar un desnudo femenino. Retrato al pastel. Nude female painting.

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5. Humorous Videos, just for fun

painting class – Very funny

From comedy inc

Impractical Jokers TV show

One of the Jokers on the US TV show Impractical Jokers is forced to serve as a nude model for an art class and must do poses suggested by the other jokers.


Scene from 1996 Movie called “Breathing Room”

Amusing life drawing scene with the chattiest nude life model imaginable. Enjoy!

Breathing Room : The Nude Scene from Lee Stranahan on Vimeo.


Losing his Marbels – amusing

A barely naked male model for a painting school gets a problem when a beautiful student with big… enters the classroom, so he loses his marbels 🙂

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6. Animation

Life Drawing at the Book Club

A clever animated video that makes an art model drawing come to life and dance. From a drawing club based in East London, UK.

Life Drawing at The Book Club from Wriggles & Robins on Vimeo.

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7. Miscellaneous Information

Robert Cenedella, Drawing from Life Class — Art Students League of New York

A glimpse into a drawing class at the League. Features interviews with artist Robert Cenedella and three students.

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