Documented the importance of “presence” during a model session

I just updated my FAQ page and instructions on how to serve as a nude art model to include the important, qualitative consideration of model “presence” during the session.

Artists can absolutely tell whether you intention is to be an inspiring muse or just to get paid.

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  1. I expect some artists/art tutors can tell if you just do it for the money and, while that is an important consideration, I always try and give value for money. I have been modelling a long time and am often asked by the artists to decide on the pose, for whatever the time period is they want, as they feel I will give them more and varied variety of poses from my own mind/repertoire. I have been told by artists that some of the poses I do for shorter periods, say up to twenty minutes, certainly take them out of their comfort zones and they like the challenge. Some of the poses I do for the longer periods I will hold for well over an hour without a break, so I think I give value for money.

    • admin says:

      Based on your internet posts and your experience, I have no doubt that you provide great “presence” when you model.

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