First DOUBLE poll about BEFORE / AFTER your 1st nude session

Announcing our first DOUBLE poll:
How did you feel at the BEGINNING of your first nude modeling session?
How did you feel RIGHT AFTER your first nude modeling session?


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2 Responses to First DOUBLE poll about BEFORE / AFTER your 1st nude session

  1. Jason says:

    I distinctly remember my first time modeling (in fact, my five year anniversary is coming up). I have a friend who’s an artist that I met in grad school. So when I first hit her up for ideas about how to get started, she gave me the name of an artist whose small groups sessions she attended.

    I called the artist up and she didn’t have any openings, but she suggested that I fill out a model application form and said if she had any openings, she’d get back in touch. A week later she called me with a last-minute request to model for her group, as she just got back from vacation and that night’s model *just* cancelled. I said that I’d do it and I think my heart skipped a beat 🙂

    I went to email my friend and proudly tell her I got my first gig. And she replied that she just got the reminder email for that night’s session and she’d see me in class!

    While the potential for embarrassment while modeling nude in front of a friend is certainly there, I was actually glad she was in the room, just to have a familiar and sympathetic face in the crowd. That really put me at ease and wasn’t awkward in the slightest.

    When it came time to disrobe, I surprisingly didn’t have any jitters. In fact, it was taking what seemed like forever to wait for any stragglers to arrive, to adjust the lights, etc. that when it finally came time to strut my stuff, I was so impatient that I think my first thought was “FINALLY!”

    I did a seated pose, with 20 minute stretches followed by a 10 minute break, so fairly easy. And I knew the minute I got dressed and was handed a check that I was bitten by the modeling bug and couldn’t wait to get another gig lined up!

  2. The first time I modelled nude I felt a little worried whether I could keep still long enough for each pose. I have been a nudist/naturist since my early teens so being nude did not phase me although being the only nude person in a class of around 20 students did make me feel a little strange to start with but I soon got over it.

    After the session I was elated. I had kept still and the tutor and the students thanked me. I got employed again for the following week. The tutor thought I was a good model and gave me a number of contacts to approach. My modelling life took off. I was lucky for the first break and I hope any prospective models get the same break I got.

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