This site provides an extensive listing of web pages of interest to life models and figurative artists.

Le Crepuscule by William Adolphe Bouguereau. Public domain.

Le Crepuscule by William Adolphe Bouguereau. Public domain.



Video essay

Under the Gaze – Half hour insightful video essay on the relationship between life model and figurative artist, by Suki the Art Model and Bel

Artists’ Model Blogs

Figure Drawing Blogs from an Artist’s Perspective

  • – Subscription only online resource for figurative artists and art lovers that focuses on the nude. Readers of can get 50% off the annual subscription by typing ARTMODEL in the coupon code on the payment page! 
  • PJ Lynch: Drawing, Painting, and Illustration – Artist blog by talented Dublin artist – See topics “Life Drawing”, “Female Nude”, “Male Nude”, “Life Drawing Exhibition”, “Sleeping Nude”)
  • The Figure – Artist blog by full-time figurative artist Bruce Day of Fredericksburg, Virginia
  • Fredericksburg Life Drawing Salon – Blog written from the perspective of a weekly open draw facilitator Susan Ishii of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Includes representative drawings generated by the artists each week.
  • Yann Hovadik blog – Blog by talented French figurative artist and instructor
  • Art of S. L. Gallant: Figure Drawing – Life drawing blog entries by a professional illustrator living in Washington, D.C. (Check out  all posts with any of the following tags: “Figure Drawing”, “Figure drawing”, “Sketches”, “Models”, “life drawing”)
  • L Rossi Art: Life Drawing posts – Life drawing blog posts by a professional animator from Paris, France
  • Lovelifedrawingblog – Comprehensive blog for figurative artists by a figurative artist in the UK
  • Figure Drawing – Notes, Illustrations and Books about Life Drawing and the Proportions of the Human Form
  • Life Drawing Classes in Cumbria – Blog site by a figurative artist in Cumbria, England
  • NY Figure Drawing (Summer Sketch) –  A blog for all the artistic folks who attend, or would like to attend, life drawing classes, and who want to share tips, techniques, observations & opinions. Includes posts with great advice for finding employment as a life model.
  • Drawing Life by Fred Hatt – Blog that includes technical information about creating figurative art
  • Erica Moen blog – Life drawing artist and former life model in Portland, Oregon
  • Brooke Lynne – Self-described hodgepodge of rants and ramblings about nude art by an artist and photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • From the easel… – Thoughts on painting, work in progress and exhibition news by British figurative artist Adele Wagstaff (sort on Category: Nudes)
  • Pistrucci Artworks Blog – Blog by Canadian figurative artist.


Photography Model Blogs


Online communities


Information on how to be an art model

Other sites of interest


Charon by Pierre Subleyras. Public domain.

Charon by Pierre Subleyras. Public domain.


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