This page lists life drawing sessions throughout Canada.

Click here for a worldwide listing of life drawing sessions.

September Morn (1912) by Paul Chabas. Public domain.

September Morn (1912) by Paul Chabas. Public domain.

Listings across Canada

Alberta (AB)


British Columbia (BC)

Manitoba (MB)

General reference:

New Brunswick (NB)

Newfoundland and Labrador (NL)

Nova Scotia (NS)

Ontario (ON)

Prince Edward Island (PE)

Quebec (QC)

Saskatchewan (SK)



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15 Responses to Canada

  1. Devin says:

    There is another figure drawing group in Calgary, AB. Every thursday evening, 7-9PM

  2. Devin says:


    I found another studio in Calgary that offers life drawing classes.

  3. Farhad says:

    We recently added Life Drawing to our Academy’s programs and we will expand it in next future, so we would like to introduce us to Art lovers ;therefore we would be appreciate if you add us through your Life Drawing center in Vancouver please.
    Beast regards
    Art Instructor/Senior Educational Administrator

  4. Farhad says:

    Unfortunately not yet,but i will try to in contact with them.

  5. Farhad says:

    Thank you for adding our Club at your webite.

  6. Hello,
    Great website! Can you please let me know how to add my life drawing group to your listings. We are located in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

  7. The Greenboro Life Drawing Workshop, in Ottawa Ontario, has changed locations. 14 Tapiola Crescent every Saturday from 1pm to 3:30pm. It is an uninstructed drop in workshop. $10/artist to cover costs. The current link posted on your page is broken. Thanks, Joseph

  8. Mary Subedar says:

    We have a new group in Manitoba
    “Winnipeg Life Drawing Society” Sessions beginning in January at 525 Wardlaw Winnipeg

  9. Jana Jaros says:

    Studio 201, St Catharines Ontario, Canada holds open life drawing session every Tuesday night 7-9pm. It is $10 Cad. per session. We welcome artist model inquiries and new comers

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