More diverse inventory of thousands of nude model poses has just expanded its inventory of thousands of photographs of nude male and female models in artistic poses, to provide even greater diversity.

This repository of nude reference photos is conveniently divided by sex (male/female) and type of pose (standing/seated/crouching/recumbent), to make it easier for figurative artists and nude artist models to find the poses that work best for them.

In addition, additional galleries of photographs are provided showing:

These galleries of nude photos are made possible by special arrangements has reached with the following online resources for figurative artists: On Air Video, Inc, Live Model Books LLC, and the New Masters Academy.

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2 Responses to More diverse inventory of thousands of nude model poses

  1. Roger says:

    Great site, helps a lot with someone like me returning to art. Wondering if you can ad some female nudes with flat sandals on. Even flat shoes of some sort would help. Thx.

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