New artist model poll released on artists’ favorite poses

ArtModelTips has released its latest artist model poll: What kind of pose do your artists prefer?

This poll was originally asked by the Washington DC Figure Models Guild (which has recently resurfaced in Rockville, Maryland).

Feel free to participate!

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2 Responses to New artist model poll released on artists’ favorite poses

  1. kirk saunders says:

    I’m new to figure modeling, do you now of any schools I can attend to help me develop my poses. To become more professional. I’m in md

    • admin says:

      Check my page listing model guilds and associations to see how to contact the DC Figure Models Guild, which has relocated to Baltimore Maryland. Check with them to see whether they are still providing new model training each month.

      Also check the life model training video that the Figure Models Guild has provided demonstrating how to pose nude for life drawing sessions, listed on my page showing how to serve as an art model

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