New offerings from Live Model Books, including multiple nude model poses is pleased to announce that it has reached a special arrangement with Live Model Books LLC to re-publish photographs from their web site demonstrating a wide variety of artistic nude poses. Live Model Books LLC is a leading publisher of artistic nude photos for figurative artists. is dedicated to serving as a leading comprehensive web reference for artist models and artists dedicated to working with the figurative nude.

One of our most popular resources is our extensive gallery of photos conveniently arranged by male/female and type of pose (standing/seated/crouching/recumbent). This resource allows models and artists to quickly scan though thousands of ideas for nude poses, to identify the ones best suited for them.

This special arrangement with Live Model Books LLC will allow to continue to expand our gallery of thousands of photos of art models demonstrating a large variety of artistic nude poses.


This special arrangement also allowed to roll out a new resource: an extensive gallery of hundreds of examples of artistic nude poses with multiple nude modelsPoses with multiple nude models communicate a sense of interaction and relationship normally not evidenced in poses with solo models.

Live Model Books LLC now becomes’s third collaborative relationship with web sites provide fine art instructional resources for figurative artists. continues to maintain collaborative relationships with On Air Video (and its resource Croquis Cafe resource for figurative artists) and with New Masters Academy.


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