The DC Figure Models Guild takes a new lease on life

Congratulations to the Figure Models Guild, which covers the Washington DC, and suburban areas in surrounding Maryland and Virginia. They have found a new home at Washington Art Works and continue to thrive.

They also continue to offer new model training the first Sunday of every month at this location for potential nude models.

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2 Responses to The DC Figure Models Guild takes a new lease on life

  1. Charlie says:

    Anyone have contact information for the DC Figure Models Guild? I would love to take their training course, but I can’t find a working email address anywhere!

    • admin says:

      The DC Figure Models Guild and the new model training are still suspended for the moment, until they can find someone to take them over again. If they ever do have new model training, it will be posted on the Artists & Models/MOCA DC meetup page.

      In the meantime I do have a Vimeo video link to a new model training video from one of the DC Figure Model Guild’s new model training session on my page showing how to serve as an artist model page.

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