Welcome to ArtModelTips.com!

Welcome to ArtModelTips.com.

This website is being developed as a full service portal for practicing life models, as well as those considering seving as life models. Figure modeling occurs at just about every university art department, and at art clubs in every region of every state in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Yet there are surprisingly few resources on the internet for those who serve as art models or those who are considering breaking into art modeling.

ArtModelTips.com is dedicated to be a full service resource for art models. This website will let you know what it takes to be an artist model, how to become one, where you are needed, and what to watch out for.

Art models and figure drawing artists exist in a symbotic relationship. Without models, figure drawing is impossible. Without artists, models have no purpose. And to be a good model, you need to know what your customers — the artists — need from you. For that reason, ArtModelTips.com also plans to provide educational resources to artists in the coming weeks and months.


This website is still very much a work in progress. Please provide your feedback and suggestions by adding a comment to this post.




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